Challenge Accepted!

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Had a few extra minutes before work and thought I would get my goals posted and out of the way for the…

Clean Sweep ARC Challenge!


Sooooo, goals, yes goals… Growing up, maybe I was in Jr. High I really don’t know, I was taught how to make goals.

“Think of your future,” they would say.

I’m thinking OK, future ummm I think when I get home from school I’ll have one of Little Debbie’s and a glass of milk for a snack.

“Now think, how you’re going to get there?”

Uh, the bus. Gesh, that was how I got to school!

“Those are your goals.”


“Now write down what you want to do when you graduate high school and/or college.”

Ummm, I’m still thinking about the Little Debbie’s waiting for me when I get home.

And this is how my life progressed. Thinking of the next hour and maybe week, but never more. I was always lectured “have a goal and then make little goals to help you achieve your bigger goal…blah blah blah…”

I’ll tell you how I’ve always felt about goals…


Meh…what’s the point?

Let me explain – While teachers were trying to instill a goal oriented ambition, my parents were always telling me “as long as you do your best… that’s all you can do.” Well, it’s true! It is all you can do. And for someone who wasn’t thinking past her next breath, it was easy for me to always do my best. It was pointless to set objectives because I am always trying to do as much as I can as well as I can. Setting a goal was just putting limits on my best. So instead of goals, I will set my to do list.

To Do List 2014 Clean Sweep ARC

  • Othello By: C.E. Wilson – YA Bound Book Tours
  • Goddess Born – Inkslinger PR
  • The Beauty of my Shadow May 30th – Story Cartel
  • Woman of Honor By: Nicole Zoltack
  • #CleanSweepARC Twitter Party May 14th 7 PM
  • Fall to You By: Lexi Ryan – AToMR Promotions (June 4)
  • Finding at least 5 more PR sites for reviews/cover reveals/blog tours
  • Participating in reveals/releases with my all time favorite authors: Colleen Hoover, Samantha Young, Cora Carmack, S.C. Stephens, N.J. Frost, Gayle Forman (not necessarily in that order.)

So Yeah! It’s my “To Do List” 🙂 And finally…….

Challenge Accepted!




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