Woman’s Guide to Feedback

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The Professional Woman’s Guide to Giving Feedback

By: Katie Botten

Pages: 72

PROFFeedback can sometimes feel like a chore. However, when used effectively it can be an incredibly useful tool that can drive improvement and bring you success. Feedback is serious business, but it shouldn’t be daunting – it should be a highly valued instrument that will carry you to the results you know you should be getting.

This practical guide will ensure that you feel ready to deal with any performance issues in your team and spot opportunities for developing others quickly and easily. Dispel any myths and avoid common pitfalls to make feedback into an integral tool in your business life.

Drive your team to success by getting to grips with feedback. Increase your confidence and improve your skills to deliver feedback in a self-assured and constructive manner to create an environment for achievement and top-quality performance.

To get the most out of feedback, this helpful guide will give you useful and incisive advice to help you get a clear understanding of exactly what feedback is and what it can be used for. It will allow you to work through your expectations to transform the value of feedback, and provide you with excellent advice and guidance on how to effectively prepare feedback conversations that are clear and helpful to your team. Ultimately great feedback will help you to craft and cultivate a culture of great communication by asking the right questions and listening effectively and empathetically.

Packed with tips, examples, case studies and scripts, this is an essential tool that will enable you to utilize feedback to your advantage to become a skillful, supportive and successful manager.

featherAfter reviewing “The Woman’s Guide to Managing Men” back in February, I was ecstatic to be included in the release and review of Packt Publishing‘s newest book, “The Woman’s Guide to Giving Feedback.”  The fact is women and men are as different as each person is from one another, so why not give our females a managing boost? Katie Botten dives into some of the theories of human nature and practices of good communication to help dispel any misunderstandings.

One of the unique aspects of this book is it not only teaches you how to give feedback, but how to receive feedback. It does a great job reminding the reader to keep focused on the main goal and how to control and respond with your reactions or feelings.

When you receive feedback, it may initially clash with your view of what happened or annoy you because your intentions were misunderstood. Feedback is the key to unlocking unhelpful, unproductive patterns of behavior, and the insight it gives you allows you to address issues and continually improve your performance and effectiveness.

As women, we often identify ourselves with what we do and it’s easy to caught up in someone’s negative perspective. However, the main goal is to improve; even if it just finding a way to make your intentions more transparent.

The part of this book I found the most helpful, was the strategic list of questions given for you to answer before you give someone feedback. When I read books designed for busy professionals, I try and put myself in similar mindset. I want all the information broken down and clearly defined into brief and direct portions and then give me exercises, advice, and tips to help me develop my own tactics. This book did not deliver on this formatting. The strategic information in the book deserves 5 stars (or bolts), but I was wading through many of the technical and psychological theories first and that deterred me from giving this book the highest rating.



I would recommend this book to anyone looking for good information in regards to feedback, but be warned the author’s technical dialogue muddles some of the great tactical advice.



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