A Thrilling Continuation of ‘The Sanctum’ by Madhuri Blaylock

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blaylockBook Two: The Boy (Sanctum #2)

by Madhuri Blaylock

In “The Girl,” Madhuri Blaylock introduced readers to the world of The Sanctum, one corrupted by greed and savagery and hellbent on achieving a single goal: destroying the prophesied hybrid. When one of its most celebrated warriors questioned his allegiances, age-old secrets were unveiled and violence erupted. The journey becomes more perilous and intense as the trilogy surges forward with “The Boy.”


Can you cross the plains of death, collect every piece of your soul and make it back to the land of the living?
And if you complete the journey, will your loved ones welcome your return?

The Ramyan have been answering such questions since the creation of The Sanctum. A mysterious sect of Magicals, haunting the blank spaces of time and memory, they serve no one but themselves and their higher purpose. They exist on a plane removed from earthly matters, shifting easily between the living and the dead, moving in time to the beat of their own drummer.

At least they did.

Dev and Wyatt change all of that when the prophesied hybrid lands on the steps of Rinshun Palace, seeking help for the wounded Class A Warrior. That decision alters lives and sets old agendas back on course. But at what cost to Dev and Wyatt? And does that really even matter?curl page break 2

My Synopsis:

In Book One, we left our hero’s in Central Park in the aftermath of a brutal battle with the London academy and horrendous scene of Max Breslin, slaying Wyatt Clayworth. As Wyatt lays dying, Dev feigns control of the situation by sending Ryker and Jools to retrieve the rest of the Clayworth family. As she struggles keep it together, she devises a plan to save Wyatt’s life. Without hesitation, she takes Wyatt through her original portal to Rinshun Palace where the Lakare, magical healers, work to bring Wyatt back from death. While waiting for Wyatt’s prognosis, Dev struggles to accept the decision she has made. If Wyatt survives, he can no longer be Sanctum and now must become a Ramyan warrior.

Meanwhile, Max Breslin is back in London Academy plotting how to help his mother, Ava, gain the loyalty and total control of the Sanctum and its founding families. However, the New York Academy is proving more difficult to manipulate than the others.

Back in New York, our remaining characters are dealing with their own turmoil. Having assumed the worst, Wyatt’s parents, Josiah and Sam, are consumed with the grief and leave their 18 year old daughter, Jools Clayworth, to run the New York academy! With the London and New York Academy’s at odds, the founding families have split their loyalties and the Breslin’s, who once led a council of 10, are now a leading a council of 4. To further complicate Jools’s new leadership, a person identified as Ryker Morrison has been seen murdering no less than 3 species of Magicals in 3 different areas of the world! Now the London Academy is demanding Ryker come before the remaining council and face his consequences, but Jools wants to do her own investigation first.

featherMy Review:

Another wonderful book by Madhuri Blaylock!

Oh! Don’t worry friends. I didn’t give anything away, trust me. “The Boy” is a continuation to this exciting and magical series by Madhuri Blaylock. As I began reading, I was drawn into the magical world of The Sanctum and its wonderfully written characters. Madhuri took what was to be a heroic war against corruption and added a compelling thread of human emotion. In the first book, I was left confused by ”Wyatt and Dev’s sudden intense relationship, but its continued development in book two gave way to a strong and dynamic set of characters for the series. In addition, the author parallels the growth of her entire cast of characters by highlighting each internal struggle with the outward battle against the Breslin’s. This book is a multifaceted gem!

The series is entertaining and wildly imaginative and I found myself holding my breath for its thrilling conclusion. As I finished the book, I felt confused. But why? I loved the story, its characters, the pacing…so I read it again. I found myself searching for clarification of the motivation of the prophecy. But, why was I re-reading to get the full affect of the book? The answer was simple. Like any story, if you have multiple people telling the tale the focus can get pulled in too many directions. In “Book Two: The Boy,” there were too many first person point of views to dilute the story.

Do not stress my loves! I have confirmation that the saga of Dev and Wyatt continue and we will again be able to enter The Sanctum and love the character driven story within. “The Boy” provides more of the wonderful tale of The Sanctum series, with lovingly developed characters, it is truly a one of a kind!

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