The Kill Order & Maze Runner transititions to Silver Screen

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Congratulations to James Dashner on the upcoming release of “Maze Runner” on the silver screen September 19!

The Books…

Back in May I reviewed the first book of this series “Maze Runner” and where I was stunned by its conclusion enough to render me speechless, or write-less as it is, for a few days. I’ve returned at my conclusion of the Maze Runner series to present my reaction and curiosities as to the upcoming release of the movie.








This series is a mystery adventure turned heroic saga as Thomas, Teresa and Gladers’ fight their way out of the maze and into the unknown. Diving through the twists and turns of every seemingly innocent lie, I find myself anticipating what could only be the grandest inconvenient truth of all time. I was wrong; the ending felt stunted. Every plot twist elevated this series into an epic tale of heroism and the ending didn’t do it justice. It just stopped.


Finishing “The Death Cure” I was thrown for a loop. I was left with a group of characters starting over in an untouched and resource rich area…um…where?! Wouldn’t society have taken advantage of what little resources they had left rather than save them for a last ditch effort at survival? What I found most perplexing, while the author was able to write a full fledged account of a disease stricken society attempting to resurrect itself at all costs, he diminishes his writing by abruptly and immaturely writing off a main character. To be clear, I’m not disturbed by his the character’s demise, I’m insulted by the level of care taken to plan and write a proper death. This left me confused, “What!? That’s it?!?!! After all of his angst about her betrayal and trying to resurrect the person he once knew with his lingering feeling of connection – that’s it?”


Shaking off my confusion and disappointment, I started the prequel “The Kill Order.” I was still searching for the entire story. I’ve read many dystopian novels, and while many painted a gruesome picture of society and human nature becoming its worst enemy, not all of them can take the reader through the horrors of the futuristic society and make them tangible like James Dashner.

With each installment of “The Kill Order,” a more complete picture of life before the maze begins to take place. We begin to see Teresa and Thomas’s involvement with the trails and understand the origin of the “Flare.” It also illustrates the the serious state in which the world has found itself and the true helplessness felt by all. More importantly, I was able to find closure with the ending of the series. (SPOILER) While the conclusion may not seem like much, in the wake of all the terror, it was everything for the survivors to find a peaceful new beginning. (END SPOILER)

The Movie…

Now…on to the anticipation of the movie. I have a few concerns about the depiction of the “Grievers” in film. While James Dashner does his best describing the dangerous mechanical creatures, it is still difficult to grasp a mental image. As I searched online, people seemed to have pictured some type of cyborg looking slug. But I’m curious what the CGI and Hollywood professionals will do to bring these nightmarish creatures to life on the big screen. And I have extremely high expectations.




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