11 Ways to Know You are Reading a Bad BuzzFeed Post

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Have you ever been on facebook or twitter and found someone shared something from BuzzFeed that you kind of found…relatable.



13 Reasons Why Your 30’s is Better than 20’s


10 Ways to Know if You’re Into S&M


And while your waiting for the clock to tick by to go on to your next daily task you decide…”Hey, this could be fun to read,” so you do.

Then part of the way through you realize this isn’t nearly as funny as you thought it would be…

Welcome to

11 Ways to Know You’re Reading a Bad

BuzzFeed Post



1. When you are staring at your screen…

2. Reading the argumentative points…

3. And you realize…

4. That bitch just posted three similar gifs!

5. But you press on because…well…you’ve started reading.

6. And there has to be something in here somewhere that makes sense!

7. Then you find a misspellinng…

8. And continue because it’s only 10 points and you’re already at number 8.

9. Then you realize – WTF! That giph had nothing to do with the statement! And now all you want is a tiny baby elephant!

10. Then they point out something completely personal and embarrassing about themselves….and it gets awkward.


11. When you finally, FINALLY reach the end you realize the entire argument that was supposed to be 11 points is actually just two or three sentences broken up in odd places to make it seem like different points.

Lesson Learned?




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