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Want to be a Guest on Breaking Books?


Want to ask me to Guest Blog?

Let’s be honest. Being a blogger in such a big pond is hard enough on our own…so let’s connect! I’m looking for individuals who have something to say and would like to guest post about books, publishing, reviewing, authors, writing, etc.

Breaking Books is a blog dedicated to the ever evolving publishing industry and has a special place reserved for all you wonderful Indie publishers and authors.

All submissions should follow these rules:

  • Between 275 to 400 words
  • Maintain a level of professionalism – I don’t mind cursing, but I don’t do vulgar. 
  • Write like you are an intelligent human being – if you want people to take you seriously, including me, write well and be concise.
  • Edit your own work – if you have grammar errors and misspellings I reserve the right to reject your submission.
  • I WILL NOT and DO NOT promote or publish anything that is libelous or slander – anything remotely considered defamation of character will not be published here.
  • Make it Fun! I’m not here to cure insomnia – have fun with your post, add photos, giphs, etc.
  • Put your contact information and blog URL in your post – I’m doing this to help your readership as well as mine, so promote away!

To submit your post, send your text to with your name and email address listed. I will email you if you are approved for a posting and give you the date and time for your piece will go live!


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